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The name 'mia sorella' is translated from Italian, meaning 'my sister' and was lovingly named after the client's late sister and very best friend. The logo incorporates the pisces symbol (in place of the 'l's'), which was both the client and her sisters' zodiac sign.

Logo for a music, design and arts web page featuring a monthly radio show, podcasts and artist interviews.

Proposed logo for an educational funding program by ASRC Federal. Geared towards pre-teens & teens, the program aimed to create a sense of pride in Inupiaq & Alaskan heritage and demistify ASRC Federal's role within the community.

Logo for Baltimore-based conference regarding laws and policies of urban agriculture.

Logo designs for a laundry corporation servicing the hotel industry.

Branding for materials to be handed out during educational workshops on getting into college.

Logo for an annual food & wine event to benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Metropolitain, Washington DC Chapter.

Proposed logo for the rebranding of a school supply company.

Proposed logo for modular military training components and environments.

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